Site terms and conditions

Dear users, any action you take on the site means accepting the rules of the site, so please read the following carefully for optimal use of the site's services.

User definition

A user is a person who uses the site's services by entering his user information in the registration form.

Note that the email you register with is considered the ID of each user, so it is not possible to change the email.

To use the services of the site, you must enter a valid mobile number in the registration form and confirm it to finalize the registration process.

Note that this number can only be verified for one account and it cannot be used in multiple accounts.

The entered number cannot be changed, please enter your valid personal number.

People who live outside of Iran, use the email address to register

Please do not create multiple accounts. Otherwise, deactivating the mobile number, verifying the mobile number in multiple accounts, transferring purchased courses and any other action between accounts is not possible and the consequences are the responsibility of the user.


By commenting in the course comments section, help other users to choose the course and also improve the level of the relevant training. Keep in mind that comments that include the following will not be approved, and if repeated, access to this section will be taken from the user:

Any advertising

Disrespecting or insulting others and immoral words

Comments unrelated to the course

Political content and insults to different ethnicities

Links to other sites

User privacy

Our team respects users' privacy and uses secure technologies to ensure the security of users' information as much as possible, therefore, we protect your information.

Purchasing conditions

After purchasing the course, users have no right to copy and publish the courses on websites or virtual networks, and legal action will be taken if found.

User satisfaction is the biggest goal of the collection. Therefore, for a safe and better purchase, in some trainings, parts are published for free so that you can get to know the type of speech, video quality and mastery of the instructor.

After purchase, it has a support period of up to 3 months, and dear students can contact the instructor through the question and answer section.

Note that in the question and answer section, use appropriate titles. The title of the question should be brief and clearly tell the content of the question. Otherwise, the question will be deleted.

Courses are supported only through the comments section and the question and answer section of the site

If there is a problem in the final processing of the purchase invoice, contact the support department by providing the transaction number and the amount paid

Invoices are not issued for purchased courses, and if you need an invoice, you can print out your bank receipt.